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The Walking Dead is the most famous American post-apocalyptic horror television series which is based on the comic book, and it has written by the Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. The Frank Darabont develops this television series, and he added so many interesting characters in his script. Andrew Lincoln plays a lead role in this show, and Rick Grimes is the sheriff’s deputy who awakens from the coma stage to discover the world filled with the zombies. They are known as the walkers in this series.

About The Walking Dead online series

Grimes character in this tv show joins up with his family and becomes a leader of the group which formed by him with some other survivors. Together these two main characters struggle to survive and also adjust in the post-apocalyptic world and filled with so many numbers of walkers and also the survivors in the opponent groups who are very dangerous than their walkers. Most of this television series usually takes place in and around the Georgia, Atlanta, Virginia and also Alexandria.

This tv show often premiered in the US, actually on 31st October 2010 exclusively played on the AMC channel and internationally on the Fox International Channels. If you are a fan of this television series and you would like to watch the walking dead online, then there are so many numbers of websites are available to watch. Lots of online streaming sites are there to stream all seasons and episodes of the walking dead TV series to watch from anywhere and at any time according to your needs. Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are other main characters in this television series. There is an immense range of popularity to watch this particular tv show over the internet through a computer or mobile phone.

watch walking dead online

Seasons and episodes of the walking dead:

  • There are seven seasons of the walking dead TV series and also every season includes many episodes with the interesting storyline and screenplay, and they include,
  • In the first season, it has five episodes.
  • The second season includes 13 episodes with the much more interesting storyline.
  • There are probably 16 episodes in this particular 3rd season, and it includes the most important war to escape from the torture of the governor.
  • The fourth season of the walking dead TV series also includes 16 episodes which consist of very exciting scenes to beat the zombies.
  • The 5th season of this television series has 16 series from No Sanctuary to Conquer.
  • From the episode, First Time Again and to the Last Day on Earth are 16 episodes in the 6th season of the walking dead television series.
  • In the 7th series, there are 16 episodes in which all the important characters fight against the opponents of the war.

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