The next season of Stranger Things is still a year off, but specifics, however small, are beginning to trickle out. Netflix confirmed to CNET that season 3 will include eight episodes, just like the first season. Season 2 was nine episodes. The streaming service also verified that production will start in mid-April. Co-showrunner Matt Duffer has said the third season will occur in 1985, advancing annually by the end of season 2.

Even if we wanted to jump into the action quicker, we could not Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter in October. Our children are aging. We produce and can write the show. They are going to be older by the time we start shooting season 3. Challenges are provided by it. You can not start after season 2 ended. It forces you to perform a time jump. But what I like is that it makes the series is evolved by you. It compels the series change and to evolve because the children are shifting. No release date for its next season was confirmed, but celebrity David Harbour (police Chief Jim Hopper) has said it will probably be 2019, which makes sense based on an April filming beginning. There’s a good deal of mystery in this trailer than setting up the narrative, depicting more of a vibe to the show. But whatever puzzle is at the center of Stranger Things season 3, it promises to be anything but ordinary.

This series has catapulted itself onto my 20, with it’s Twin Peaks by means of Wes Craven. It will be some time before we see Stranger Things season 3. But for now, we’ve got a definitive answer on how many episodes the season is going to have. This may be bad news or good news, depending on your opinion. Well, we’ve got some news for you below if you wanted more. The show was a hit that Netflix gave in and let Stranger Things 2 include an additional episode. It sounds Stranger Things, creators, the Duffer Brothers have determined that they flew too close. Because of this, watch Stranger Things season 3 will return to the eight-episode count, as supported by TV Line.

Personally speaking, I believe this is a fantastic move. Stranger Things 2 felt overlong with 9 episodes, particularly since it gave us that terrible episode where town skips and hangs out with the cast of Class of Nuke ‘Em High. Netflix shows generally have a length issue. The originals are too long, far overstaying their welcome with 12 over-stretched episodes. Netflix shows should find out from Stranger Things’ example and embrace an 8 episode version.┬áDetails are, needless to say, sketchy. We understand that season 3 will change things up a little. While season 2 ended with the Monster season 3 will bring in a new villain.

Additionally, while season 1 and 2 place the character Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) through hell, season 3 will cut him some slack. Stranger Things manufacturer Shawn Levy said: Here is something else we know (SPOILER ALERT): Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), the evil scientist who experimented, will probably be returning too, at least in some capacity. We do not know for certain if Stranger Things will return for the third season, but rumors indicate that we may need to wait till 2019.

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